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Custom factory built Manufactured and Modular housing.Modular Homes

Putting a manufactured or a modular home on property is legal wherever site built homes are allowed by law. This means that you can place a factory built home on a city lot, or in rural country (with some exceptions). You cannot beat the savings of a new and custom factory built home comparable to site built houses. Instead of accepting the real estate that is available, try a brand new home with your modular home floor plans, upgrade your lifestyle, and pay no more than that foreclosure.

However, we know it is difficult to find property to build on. There is less land to build on, with stricter regulations, and the easier it is to build, the higher the price for that property. So the question we often are asked is how to look for property that you can put a manufactured or a modular home on? To begin you have to determine the right property for your modular home.

Yamada Homes offers you a range of manufactured and modular homes to fit your budget and lifestyle, just take a look at what you might expect with our modular home prices. From a small ‘guest’ cottage, up to two-story homes, this new generation of factory built homes rival any home in your neighborhood. These are not mobile homes!!

We have a lot of information on this site, so to help you find everything you need. We hope this will be a guide for your home project. Yamada Homes welcomes your comments and we are happy to answer all your questions.