Welcome to Yamada Homes and Hawai'i Modular Homes, another alternative to home ownership. Not an easy task today with more regulations and fast rising home prices, consider a modular home. Truly an affordable option without compromising quality!

Our homes are constructed in a controlled efficient factory. Your home is freighted to your building site. Our installation contractor guides the house sections onto the foundation and completes the finishing work. What would have been a long site-built project is finished within a few months. The savings is in the home price, and time!!

Yamada Homes and Hawai'i Modular Homes specializes in placing our factory built homes on property. We represent several companies that offer a range of floorplans from simple cottages, to spacious multi-story homes. We can even provide customized floor plans. All of these homes are regulated by federal, state, and/or local authorities. We arrange for freight and installation to completion. Our network includes the range of professionals to guide you to the home of your dreams!!

Questions...let me take you thru the process without a sales talk...Call me 9am-3pm PST at 831-252-0735, 8am-12pm HI time, or, Text me anytime, or, Email contact@yamadahomes.com